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| Closed | Open! |

5o x 5o Icons-$3.oo
15o x 15o lines-$3.oo
larger than 15o x 15o lines- $5.oo
Bases with lines provided-$1o.oo
Bases without lines provided-$18.oo
95 x 95 Icons/tags- $8.oo
15o x 15o Icons/tags-$15.oo
Simple Design/Ref Sheet-$25.oo
Complex Design/Ref Sheet-$35.oo
Simple shaded large art (Example)-$2o.oo
Complex shaded large art (Example)-Contact for price (starts at $60 then goes up depending on pose/background/character complexity) (additional characters $20 each)

Ref Types
Simple= 1 view, background, name
Complex= 2 views, background, name, detailed info, extra items
(any additional views are $5.oo each)

If there are other things I need to know, please note me. Like in the characters, I need colors and ideas! I'd prefer those in notes because it's easier on me.

Pay AFTER your commission is done!
This is to ensure I am not a scammer if I do not get around to your commission!

Send USD after commission to via Paypal only!


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Good News!!!

Journal Entry: Fri Jul 24, 2015, 9:16 PM
I finally got my drivers license and I finally got a car!
I'm seriously in love with it it's so cute it's a 2001 Jeep Wrangler
JEEPIE by OctoberStarsJEEPIE TWO by OctoberStars
thanks a ton to everyone who bought art and characters from me, you helped a ton ;o;

However, you obviously can see the fenders have a lot of rust, and need to be replaced, and I can definitely tell you the brakes need to be replaced ASAP because they don't work unless you press them all the way to the floor. The tires are needing replaced as well, seeing as there is no tread on them towards the center because the previous owners overinflated them. Other than those few things, this car is perfect!!! I seriously love it so much and want to get money together to fix it up as soon as I can! Now that the super expensive part is over, I need to save for these lil things; which means art art art!

My commissions are probably going to be open forever, so if you're interested please visit this journal for details:
COMMISSIONS OPENThey never really closed, but I decided it was time for a new journal. I need to continue to earn money for my car, and hopefully be able to get a nice reliable one rather than a piece of crap, y'know. I will try to rush these I promise, I need to learn to stay on task lmao
just a reminder to avoid mixups ♥
I may ask you to pay at least half beforehand depending on the amount of money, but if I don't, please pay after!
All prices located in the custom box on my front page (
Examples in my gallery (
prices listed are collective, based on amount of the certain kind of art you ordered!

• Complex Shaded Large Art for QuietCalamity ($100.00) paid
• Simple Reference Sheet (Litter Pup) for Avilikwolf ($25.00) unpaid
• 50x50 Icon for AnimalBag x2 ($6.00) un

I also still have characters for sale, so if you're looking for a new one you can always visit this journal:
CHARACTERS FOR SALE !!!!!GOOD NEWS I get my driver's license on friday and I'M VERY EXCITED :^)))
I seriously need to get money for a car soon because I want to have one before the school year starts. I love the characters I'm selling but I need the money more than I need them right now ;-( 
I'd really appreciate it if you'd take a look at them !!!
I lowered the prices a bit, too, since I need them to sell :')
Thanks guys

I'm sorry I keep pushing these things so much but I really want to be able to drive my new car which isn't gonna be super safe until the tires and brakes are dealt with! (by the way yea we did know they needed replaced before buying the vehicle the thing was that it's still super nice despite those things)

Thank you guys so much for being amazing :heart:

About Me!

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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied

United States

Hey everyone ! My name is Haili. I'm currently 16 and a junior in high school. I don't know where I'm going to end up later in life, though I'd like to live in a big city. I love cities. I'm in advanced classes and have been since elementary school. I was told that I'm popular so I guess I'm popular???? I'm obviously really into art and drawing and stuff, and I also do photography. (you can find my photography on my instagram, @imhaili) I generally get along with people but I don't recommend getting on my nerves or saying ignorant things to me because that just doesn't work out well for either of us. Also, never bring up politics unless you know we have agreeing viewpoints because I get vicious. I'm really sarcastic. I'm obsessed with tumblr, and run a pretty swell unpopular photoblog. (thoseoctoberstars) I'm really grateful for my friends. My main bitches are Yasminion and kleeblatts. I'm really unconventional and have trouble figuring out how to respond to things, especially compliments. I'm not very welcoming of criticism. Cats are life. Dogs are cool, too. I like reading certain books. I normally don't do my homework. I'm a mellow rebel. I support feminism. I support gay rights. I support equality for everyone. I am straight. I had a shrimp named Lazarus because he won't die but unfortunately tragic events befell us and he has passed. If you want to talk or anything feel free to comment below or note me or anything. Have a good day !


Jul 30, 2015
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Jul 30, 2015
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Jul 30, 2015
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I assume you use use a version of photoshop?
Do you mind sharing your brush secrets? xD

Also, if I'm correct and you so use photoshop, I'm really amazed that your lines come out so smooth and nice... do you use a stabilizer of some sort?
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